LKG stands for Lower Kindergarten and is the first year of school in many countries. It is also known as reception or pre-primary. In the United Kingdom, children are typically 4 years old when they start LKG.

LKG is a critical year for children as they begin their formal education. They learn to follow rules and routines, socialize with other children, and start to develop their reading, writing, and math skills.

LKG is an important stepping stone on the way to a successful academic future.

LKG is the first step of a child’s educational journey. It is the foundation upon which the child’s future will be built.

LKG stands for Lower Kindergarten and is for children aged 4-5 years. The main aim of LKG is to prepare the child for higher classes.

LKG covers basic concepts like numbers, alphabets, shapes, colours, etc. The child is also introduced to simple concepts of science and social studies.

LKG is the first step towards a child’s formal education. It is important to choose a good LKG school which will lay a strong foundation for the child’s future.